Furnished room for rent in Houston Texas (seeking creative professionals) $800.00 all bills included




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I have a large private furnished room for rent in a huge house, that I share with two other guys in a huge four bedroom house

Hi there! My name is Jonathan. I am a super duper laid back, very happy, friendly, creative guy who is happily married to a guy I have been with for 18 years. I love great music (from Punk to Rock n Roll to Garage Rock to Shoegaze to Classical to Ambient to Stax Soul music to every sub genre under the sun aside from modern country music) and I love love cinema. I really love and miss (since having primarily lived in NYC for almost 20 years) Houston's BBQ and Tex Mex. I have traveled to many a places with my work and I love pretty much most of Europe and most major cities in the US. I really miss the South though..Aside from being an uber film geek, I am blessed by the universe to have been able to maintain directing films as my profession. I love people and enjoy the diversity of everyone, from every walk of life, religion, class, gender, political standpoint and culture. I live primarily between Houston and NYC, (two very multicultural melting pots) doing the bi gulf coastal thing, and I enjoy the frazzle of big city life, but at the same time, I cherish the solitude and solace of the quiet(er) less big city life. Houston, my native home, offers a great balance of this, to offset NYC. I welcome into my home everyone everyone, as long as you are a nice & honest, trustworthy, and respectful person. Myself or one of my flatmates here, will always be happy to accommodate you with any questions you may have, or any general help you may need with navigation around town, if you ever need any recommendations, directions, anything..please never hesitate to ask.;)

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